Why Primecare Group?

We have an excellent team of staff who have been with us for many years coupled with fresh faces; all of whom are highly skilled, committed and completely focused on the needs and wishes of our residents to provide them person-centred care. The calm settings of our homes combined with the outstanding values and principles of care offer residents a comfortable, safe, enjoyable, warm and friendly place they would consider as their “home”.

What are the bedrooms like?

The accommodation consists of single and twin rooms furnished providing comfort and privacy. We encourage prospective residents to bring some of their belongings into the Homes in order to personalise their bedroom. If furniture is brought in, the family are responsible for removing it again if the room is vacated; otherwise the only restriction is the size of the room. For health and safety reasons, all items must be safe to use, and not pose a risk to anyone.

How much does it cost?

Fees vary depending on the type of accommodation required and level of care needed.
Residents may be entitled to a contribution to their fees from the NHS. An assessment of their needs is carried out by a registered nurse and if approved by the NHS, the contribution is paid directly to the home and offset against the monthly fees.

What type of entertainment or activities do you have for the residents?

We have a very friendly and cheerful staff who organises activities for the residents and carry out in-house entertainments such as singalongs, movie sessions, ball games and gentle exercise to make them active, day out trips to garden centres, coffee shops and other places of interests. We also organise live entertainments to visit the home including vocal, instrumental and theatrical performers (Christmas pantomime) which often include an element of participation for our residents. Relatives are encouraged to join activities and outings. In addition a Chiropodist and Hairdresser visit the Home regularly to pamper our residents.

When can friends and family visit?

Family and friends are welcome to visit at all times and so there are no strict visiting hours.